Top 5 Hamper Gifts for a Graduation

Top 5 Hamper Gifts for a Graduation

So your favourite university student has just nailed their final exams and all that hard work has finally paid off - they're graduating! After such an incredible achievement, you probably want to treat them to a graduation gift as part of the celebration (you know, away from all the partying and all that). Enter one of our chocolate hampers - the ultimate gift that is impossible to resist! 

Below are our top 5 Graduation hamper picks that are guaranteed to delight the former student:


Graduation Hamper 

Our signature Graduation chocolate hamper is packed full of unbelievable chocolate, fudge and popcorn treats that make it the perfect present for those graduates with a sweet tooth. Our 'Happy Graduation' Kraft message card will be there to greet them as soon as they open this handcrafted wicker hamper basket. 


Little Graduation Hamper 

Our Little Graduation Chocolate Hamper is the little brother of our signature Graduate Hamper. Just as delicious but in a smaller basket, the lucky graduate will still find organic chocolate, crumbly fudge and gourmet popcorn inside for him or her to devour. What better way to celebrate graduating?


Deluxe Chocolate & Sweet Hamper

If the soon to be graduate has worked their butt off then they really deserve the ultimate gift - our Deluxe Chocolate & Sweet hamper. Shower them with 14 different sweet and chocolate treats that they will have no choice but to share...hopefully with you. The perfect graduation gift if you ask us! 


Cosy Night In Hamper 

All those late nights partying...*sorry* I mean studying, mean the new graduate might be feeling a little worse for wear. What better way to surprise them than with a Cosy Night In hamper? Inside they will find everything they need to cosy up on the sofa ready for a Netflix binge - chocolate, tea and biscuits! They'll be feeling well rested and rejuvenated in no time, ready to conquer the world as a proud graduate. 


Congratulations Hamper 

If you want to shout 'CONGRATULATIONS' to the lucky student instead, then our Congratulations chocolate hamper is just what you're looking for. Packed with a selection of premium chocolate, fudge, biscuit and popcorn goodies, it's guaranteed to delight!


There you have it - our top 5 graduation gift hampers. With every hamper you get FREE delivery and a FREE personalised gift message so the super student knows exactly who sent their hamper full of treats. What more could you want?

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