Empathy in Action: 7 Ways to Say 'Get Well Soon'

Empathy in Action: 7 Ways to Say 'Get Well Soon'

When a loved one is feeling under the weather, a thoughtful gesture can go a long way in lifting their spirits. Choosing the right get well soon gift to convey your well-wishes requires a blend of empathy and consideration. Here are some heartwarming gift ideas to say “Get Well Soon” and bring comfort to those on the road to recovery (and maybe even speed it up!).


Send a Thoughtful Message

Let them know that you’re thinking of them and wishing them well with a heartfelt get well soon message or card. Share positive messages, uplifting quotes or even a personal note to brighten their day.


Send a Get Well Soon gift

Brighten up their day with a Get Well Soon hamper. There’s nothing better to lift a poorly persons mood than a chocolate hamper filled with treats, and it’s even more special when it’s a Get Well Soon chocolate hamper. Plus they will have the added benefit of a beautifully handcrafted wicked hamper basket to display around the home once all the chocolate, fudge and gourmet popcorn has been devoured!



Offer Your Time

We all know that being poorly means you can’t concentrate on the things that need to be done in life. That’s why offering your time to help run errands, grab medicine from the pharmacy, or simply being a good listener can be really helpful and most certainly appreciated.


Visit with Flowers if you're Nearby

Brighten their space with a bouquet of vibrant flowers or a potted plant. The beauty and freshness of flowers will be sure to have a positive impact on their mood as well as putting a smile on their face. 


Prepare Comforting Food

If you’re handy in the kitchen, then consider cooking them a nourishing meal or bring over some comforting soup. A homemade meal shows that you've put thought and care into supporting their recovery, and it’s one less thing for them to have to think about doing themselves.


Stay in Touch

Regularly check in with them through calls, texts or visits. This lets them know that you're thinking of them and also makes it easier for them to ask for help if they need it.


Share Uplifting Content

Send them links to funny videos, heartwarming stories or anything that might bring a smile to their face. Laughter and positivity are some of life’s great healers!


Remember, the key is to show genuine concern and provide support in a way that is helpful but not overbearing. Small gestures can make a big difference in letting someone know they are cared for during a challenging time, and hopefully you now have an idea of some of the things you can do to say ‘get well soon’.

If you are thinking of sending them a Get Well Soon hamper, then don't forget that we also offer a FREE gift message to greet them upon opening the handcrafted hamper basket and FREE delivery on every order. 

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