7 ways to re-use your hamper basket

7 ways to re-use your hamper basket

Part of the reason why we love hamper gifts so much is that once the delicious treats inside have been devoured, you are left with a beautiful handcrafted wicker hamper basket. Not only does this remind you of the thoughtful person who gave you a gift, but it also gives you a handy and stylish basket to make use of around the home. 

To help you with exactly that, we've put together a guide of some of the ways you can make use of your hamper basket. 


Blanket Basket

Winter time usually means snuggling up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and your favourite Netflix series. This is made all the cosier with a warm blanket - just open up your elegant hamper basket and grab your favourite one. The wicker construction gives it a natural, homely charm that fits perfectly in your sitting room. 


Indoor Garden Planter

Give your green thumb a workout by turning the wicker hamper into an indoor garden planter. Line the bottom with a waterproof material, add some soil and plant your favourite indoor plants or herbs. Not only does it bring a bit of nature indoors, but it also gives the hamper basket a new life as a stylish plant container.


Cookbook Holder

Transform the hamper into a trendy cookbook holder for the kitchen. Arrange your favourite cookbooks in an upright position in the basket and you can even add other items around the kitchen like a chopping board in there. The wicker adds a touch of texture making it both practical and aesthetically pleasing. If the kitchen isn't the right place for your hamper, then it can be used as a book or magazine holder in the sitting room or a bedroom. The options are endless! 


DIY Gift Basket

Pay the gift forward by repurposing the wicker hamper as a DIY gift basket for a friend or family member. Fill it with an assortment of goodies, such as gourmet treats, candles or spa products. Customise the contents to suit the recipient's preferences, and voila – you've created a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift package.


Picnic Basket Upgrade

Elevate your picnic game by converting the wicker hamper into the ultimate picnic basket. Pack it with your favourite snacks, a cosy blanket, and maybe even a bottle of bubbly. The sturdy construction of the wicker ensures that your culinary delights will travel in style, turning any outdoor meal into a picturesque feast.


Craft Supply Organiser

Utilise the wicker hamper to keep your crafting supplies in order. Sort and store items like yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or even scrapbooking materials. The open design of the wicker allows for easy visibility and access to your creative tools, turning the hamper into a stylish and functional craft organiser.


Slipper Storage

Give your hallway a tidy makeover by repurposing the wicker hamper as a slipper storage basket. Place it near the door and use it to stash slippers for the family or guests, keeping them organised and preventing clutter. The breathable nature of the wicker also helps to prevent any unpleasant odours.


So there you have, 7 ways to re-use your hamper basket. There are countless others so get creative and think of some ways that you could re-purpose your own hamper into a stylish, practical storage solution around the home. 


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