10 Wedding gifts your best friend will adore

10 Wedding gifts your best friend will adore

So, your best friend is tying the knot and you're on a quest for the perfect wedding gift that that won’t be given to the charity gift shop the next day! We understand, it’s your besties big day so you want to get the perfect gift. Well don't worry, we’ve compiled this wedding gift guide to help you on your quest – good luck!  


Customized Star Map

Give the happy couple a piece of the cosmos with a customised star map from The Night Sky. You can capture the alignment of the stars on the night they said "I do", or their first date or another memorable event. It's a beautifully personal reminder of their special day that will twinkle on their wall for years to come.



Couples Hamper

Step into a world of chocolate bliss with the perfect wedding gift – a luxurious couples chocolate hamper. This delectable assortment isn't just a collection of chocolates; it's a gesture of indulgence and celebration for the happy couple. Filled with gourmet popcorn, crumbly fudge and chocolate that is to die for, you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with the happy couple. Because not only are they getting the gift of a variety of treats, but they are also getting a beautifully handcrafted hamper basket that will last long into the future once the goodies are finished. 2 gifts in 1 you might say!



His and Hers Personalised Bathrobes

Wrap your favourite couple in cotton luxury with personalised bathrobes from Next. After all the wedding chaos, they'll appreciate some cosy downtime and a glass of wine in a relaxing environment. With matching bathrobes, they may think they are in a spa!


1st dance song lyrics framed

Capture the magic of their first dance forever with a 1st dance lyric picture frame. This thoughtful gift transforms the lyrics of their special song into a visual masterpiece. Elegant and sentimental, it's not just a frame; it's a melody frozen in time, an everlasting symbol of the love that swept them off their feet. Cheesy much?



The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition

Now that the beautiful couple have tied the knot, it’s time to introduce a touch of challenge into their lives. In this book, they get 50 challenges they need to scratch off (think like a scratch card) to reveal the challenge set for them. ‘Set up a TV or laptop in the garden, spread out a blanket, place some candles around and watch a romantic movie together’ or ‘each of you go to a different store and spend no more than £5 on a gift that best represents your partner’. Each challenge is a mystery until they scratch it off – pretty exciting hey!



Cooking Class

Break away from traditional gifts and give the newlyweds the chance to cook up a storm! From mastering the art of pasta-making to crafting delectable desserts, this experience promises not just delightful dishes, but also quality time together after the wedding.


Personalised Ben Linen

As the newlyweds take their first step into their lives together, why not consider giving them the gift of a personalised bed linen set with their initials stitched on. Not only is it a stylish gift that will definitely get used, but it’s all the more special with that personalised touch as well.


Couples Spa Day

Pamper the lovebirds with a couple’s spa day courtesy of their best friend. Because after months of planning, stress and anticipation for the big day, it’s time to relax, unwind and recuperate together as newlyweds. They can sweat it out in the steam room, float in the jacuzzi or get a deep tissue massage to release all the tension from planning a wedding.


Adventure Weekend Getaway

Wrap up your quest for the perfect wedding gift with an adventure weekend getaway. Whether it's a cosy cottage retreat or a thrilling outdoor escapade, this experience gift promises to kickstart their married life with a bang! This is perfect if there are a few of you chipping in as weekend getaways don’t come cheap, but the happy couple will certainly appreciate it!


Engraved Wine Glasses

If your bestie and their new life partner are both wine connoisseurs, then why not toast to their eternal love with the timeless gift of engraved wine glasses, etched with their names or wedding date.



There you have it, 10 gifts ideas that your best friend will love as a wedding gift. If you haven't found what you're looking for, hopefully we have given you some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing instead. It’s a gift that you want to be special, meaningful and memorable as your best friend only gets married once (or maybe twice…). Happy shopping! 

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